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FAQ Featured

What Do Your Originals Appear To Be?

Originals are similar to some other original design, template designs developed by top professionals in the market with quality and a focus to each detail. Originals are custom-designed for your own personal or private use. All original designs are on your own novelty, commemoration, celebration, memorization, souvenir and amusement, but not for any legal or official purpose or used or acted on just like any genuine ones. Each original design customized is not used as the replacing of anyg enuine government card or document.

Are Your Products Issued by Government?

Certainly Not! Our designs are all customized for your own specific use. They aren't designed or issued by any government agency, NOT used as an alternative of any government-issued card or document, NOT employed for any legal or official purpose by any means, To never use, handle or act upon it as being should they were genuine, Never to induce anybody by the belief it's a genuine government-issued card or document, but created specifically for your own amusement.

Can You Modify My Present Document?

This will depend on what sort of document. You can e mail us for even more information mainly because it don't useful to reveal more hereby.

Can I Visit You To Book and Track My Order Directly?

NOT! Our delivery office is only a routing spot for receiving orders, and our processing department is located offshore, therefore, you are unable to pick up or go away the transaction. We could still offer you exceptional service via mail-order. Orders are couriered to the processing department daily, so you can be be confident there are no delays, along with your order will likely be processed instantly when it arrives at our international destination.

What Exactly Are Your Prices?

Different file different prices, you put your company and details developed in our form, and after that our customer care gives you a quote.

Why your costs are greater than a few of the others?

A penny a points in the goods, if you buy documents somewhere else, they are batch production, the charge is low, therefore the price is cheap, our company is made as outlined by different customers tailor, our staff will verify specific to the file of each detail, the version information, the teacher signature, scores, etc, and not as currently sold out, like your yes graduated this year, as a result, you'll get a 2008 version, which cost less and you also buy a waste paper!

I want one NOW! How rapid can get my order?

You have to pay 50% deposit in, we take the order within a day we're going to do well you file of electronic chart and then give back confirm changes, if the problem is very little, a couple of days are capable of doing, and then you balance we're going to by 50 percent days printing products, finally we in accordance with your receives a domain for you by express delivery, is DHL, hair express after order for you to inquire on the internet tracking, http://www.dhl.com/en.html,is mostly 3 to 5 days can express on your hands.

While I pay for the deposit, the way to do cannot contact you?

We cope with the long-term business, not since you an individual deposit and loss credit, you make payment for an initial deposit to provide you with our company's business orders and arrange production, we work inside the contact, Monday to Saturday in 10 o 'clock each morning to night 21 points are online, after the transaction, your small business from start to finish by our customer service will result in, unless you receive files. If you like it, not simply cannot get a business, lastly make aren't happy. We would like to your business is dealt with, then you have friends or classmates will also unveiled in us, can it be?

I'll pay out the remaining, if appear quality problem the way to do?

This you may be assured, if it kind problem is because of our production reason appeared quality problem, we promise to offer weekly free again, in addition we produce practically a, first to accomplish less than six parts, after which find the most delicate do manual operate in the ideal quality of one for you, shipping, until your satisfaction.
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