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Purchase Adrian College fake degree and transcript from the USA, buy Adrian College fake degree from the UK, buy Adrian College fake transcript from CAD, buy Adrian College fake diploma from AUS, buy high quality fake certificate online, buy cheap and safe fake document all around the world. The original campus was built in the middle of the 19th century. Almost a century later, President John Dawson began the main construction phase of the campus, including most student residences, academic buildings, student unions, and administrative buildings. Recently, current President Jeff Docking has launched a number of programs to revitalize Adrian College and its campuses, including the construction of new buildings, the renovation of old buildings, and track and field related projects. Many of these initiatives are attributed to his “Renaissance I and II projects” and include new facilities such as: Arrington Ice Arena, multi-sports performance (soccer) stadium, Ridge Market (restaurant) expansion, sports training lab and Human Performance Lab, College Kingview Apartments, indoor baseball and softball practice facilities, Kane Student Center Terrace, and new venues and maintenance facilities. The college also carried out large-scale refurbishment projects, including: transforming Rush Hall into the most advanced million-dollar multimedia facility, Robinson Planetarium renovation, Peelle 207 lecture hall, Spencer Hall Music Center, Downs Hall (the oldest) campus Historic buildings) and the current renovations and upgrades of Jones Hall (Business) and Peelle Hall (Science). The details of the growth of Adrian College since 2005 are documented in Dr. Docking’s recently published book “Education Crisis: A Plan to Save the American Academy of Small Arts”. The college is refurbishing and expanding the science, business, visual arts and performing arts departments.