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Purchase AIC fake degree and transcript from the USA, buy AIC fake degree from the UK, buy AIC fake transcript from CAD, buy AIC fake diploma from AUS, buy high quality fake certificate online, buy cheap and safe fake document all around the world. The American International College was founded in April 1885 and was founded by pastor Calvin E. Amaron. The purpose of the school was to let his fellows receive higher education. He persuaded other clergy to establish the college together, because they knew that they wanted to make a difference in the United States at that time, and that higher education was an effective means, so they Determined to establish a college to provide students with higher education, so that they can make progress and success in their future careers. Mr. John Morton Greene, the school’s first principal and board president, laid the foundation for the school’s future development, which was awarded a charter from Massachusetts and authorized by the state. Grant students honors, degrees and diplomas. During the second term of the principal, the college began enrolling female students in 1892. After the First World War, the college was approved by the US government to recruit students nationwide and internationally. After the Second World War, the college gradually improved, and the college’s majors continued to be extensive. Astronomical geography and character art were covered and awarded doctoral degrees. American International College is a private, four-year comprehensive higher education college located in downtown Princesfield, Massachusetts. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs and a Ph.D. in education and a Ph.D. in physical therapy.