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When Jesse P. Sewell became the principal of the college in 1912, the school began using “Abilene Christian College” on all of its printed materials. In 1920, the school paid $4,000 to the Childers family and officially changed its name.

An optimist, a student of the university who produced the newspaper, was founded in 1912. The school yearbook Prickly Pear was founded in 1916. The JMC Network is a converged student media operation established in 2008 to train all student-led news media. The Campus Literature and Art Magazine (now The Shinnery Review, formerly known as The Pickwicker) has been in production since 1933. In 1927, with the help of Abilene’s $75,000 donation, the board purchased 680 acres (280 hectares) of land in northeast Abilene. In addition, residents donated 75 acres (30 hectares) of adjacent land. The new campus opened in the fall of 1929.