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Purchase NIU fake degree and transcript from the USA, buy NIU fake degree from the UK, buy NIU fake transcript from CAD, buy NIU fake diploma from AUS, buy high quality fake certificate online, buy cheap and safe fake document all around the world. Northern Illinois University (NIU) is a public school in DeKalb, Illinois, USA, by the Governor of Illinois, John Peter Ortegeld, on May 22, 1895. set up. Northern Illinois University is a four-year public university founded in 1895 with a century of history. There are 6 undergraduate colleges and 2 research institutes, with the best in business, engineering and science. According to the American Yearbook of America’s Best Colleges 1995, the most elective subjects include business management (17%), social sciences (15%), education (9%), health sciences (8%), and mass communication (8%). ). In the previous year, 10,706 people applied for the exam, and a total of 7,291 people were admitted. “US News and World Report” is ranked as a four-level national university, and its academic reputation ranks 23rd in the world. Northern Illinois University is a famous traditional accounting strong school. In the 2010 Public Accounting Report (PAR, the most authoritative public accounting report in the United States), the undergraduate accounting ranks eighth in the United States, and the accounting master is MAS tenth. The school has more than UIUC all year round. The CPA pass rate (95%) is proud. American accounting leader Kieso Wegandt is from this school. More than 90% of the textbooks for financial accounting in American schools use Kieso’s books. Northern Illinois University (niu) is a four-year public university with a high cost performance. The annual fee for international students in accounting is about $13,200. The school offers GA, TA, and Fellowship.