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It’s great to buy a University of Hamburg fake degree certificate, buy a University of Hamburg fake diploma, buy a University of Hamburg fake diploma and transcript, buy a University of Hamburg fake transcript, buy a fake diploma and degree from Euro. Universität Hamburg was founded in 1919 by local citizens. Important founding figures include Senator Werner von Melle and the merchant Edmund Siemers. Nobel Prize winners such as the physicists Otto Stern, Wolfgang Pauli, and Isidor Rabi taught and researched at the University. Many other distinguished scholars, such as Ernst Cassirer, Erwin Panofsky, Aby Warburg, William Stern, Agathe Lasch, Magdalene Schoch, Emil Artin, Ralf Dahrendorf, and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, also worked here. Philosophy is often studied alongside history and theology, which is the study of religion and religious truth, viewed from a historical perspective. Some degrees will focus on the Christian tradition and thought, through the study of biblical writings alongside the key thinkers, ideas, events, and movements that shaped the course of Western Christian history. Other degrees may span more widely across other world religions. Students will be given the chance to study the Bible, as well as other religious texts in their original language, like Hebrew and Sanskrit. Where to buy a fake diploma, buy a degree, buy a transcript, buy a transcript and certificate. Today Universität Hamburg is the largest institution for research and education in the north of Germany. As one of the country’s largest universities, we offer a diverse range of degree programs and excellent research opportunities. The University boasts numerous interdisciplinary projects in a broad range of fields and a partner network of leading regional, national, and international higher education and research institutions. The University has developed a number of successful key research areas that shape its overall research profile.  Described as one of the oldest academic disciplines, philosophy challenges the assumptions which uphold other subject areas – including the sciences, social sciences, religion, and arts. Students must grapple with the nature of existence, the meaning of good and evil, whether knowledge is possible and whether any human is truly free. Teaching will cover ancient to contemporary thinkers; from Aristotle to Plato to Descartes to Kant. Students will develop an acute understanding of the central ideas in analytic philosophy while nurturing their ability to think clearly, fashion an argument and communicate. Students need not have studied any philosophy or theology before university level.