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Purchase Cowley College fake degree and transcript from the USA, buy Cowley College fake degree from the UK, buy Cowley College fake transcript from CAD, buy Cowley College fake diploma from AUS, buy high quality fake certificate online, buy cheap and safe fake document all around the world. The first course was held on September 11, 1922 by Cowley College. At this time, it was called the Arkansas City Junior College (ACJC) and, like most colleges and universities at the time, operated under the leadership of the local school district. The course was held on the top floor of the Arkansas City High School, but soon moved to the basement and earned the nickname “basement university.” In 1936, a combined auditorium – gymnasium was established, and in 1952, ACJC held its first course in a dedicated college building. In the mid-1960s, ACJC began a process of name change, attempting to keep pace with state legislation to stimulate the development of junior colleges and vocational schools in Kansas. After not less than two revisions, in 1965 it was named the Cowley County Community College and Vocational Technical School, often abbreviated as CCCC. In 1967, citizens of Cowley County elected a six-member CCCC board of directors and assumed control of university operations on July 1. The new board appointed Dr. Paul Johnson as the first principal of the school. Under the guidance of the school board, Johnson has been the dean of the college. The county continues to elect board members for a four-year term.