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Purchase Durham University fake degree and transcript from the USA, buy Durham University fake degree from the UK, buy Durham University fake transcript from CAD, buy Durham University fake diploma from AUS, buy high quality fake certificate online, buy cheap and safe fake document all around the world. The Durham Campus is the main campus of Durham University and includes 14 of the 16 colleges and most of the faculties. The Durham Campus itself is divided into several different sections. The Science District includes the vast majority of departments, large lecture halls such as Appleby, Scarborough, James Duff, Haywood, and the new Kalman Learning Center and the University’s main library (Appleby, Scarborough, James Duff). Heywood, the Calman Learning Centre). Mountjoy (including the School of Psychology, the School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and various research centers. The Old Elvet contains a number of departments of humanities and social sciences, including philosophy and sociology). This is also the location of the current university administration center, but from 2012, the Old Shire Hall will be relocated to Stockton Road, a new £48 million student service building (Student Services building on Stockton) Road from). One of the main public attractions of the Durham campus is the 7.3-hectare botanical garden built in 1970. As of August 2007, it received a total of 78,000 visitors. Durham University is a college-based university. The school’s college is a boarding school that provides an excellent venue for students to participate in social and academic activities. The colleges are not responsible for teaching, and the teaching is supervised by the departments. But the college not only provides accommodation for students, but also organizes disco, art exhibitions, guest lectures and concerts.