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Purchase Gettysburg College fake degree and transcript from the USA, buy Gettysburg College fake degree from the UK, buy Gettysburg College fake transcript from CAD, buy Gettysburg College fake diploma from AUS, buy high quality fake certificate online, buy cheap and safe fake document all around the world. The college is located near the Gettysburg National Military Park and covers 225 acres (91 hectares). Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is 36 miles (60 km) from Harrisburg, 55 miles (89 km) from Baltimore, 80 miles (130 km) from Washington, DC, 117 miles (188 km) from Philadelphia, and 212 miles (341 km) From New York City, 425 miles (684 kilometers) from Boston. The college’s main campus has more than 90 buildings, many of which are historically significant and roughly divided into half (management) of the Pennsylvania Hall. The northern half includes the Eddie Plank gym, Masters Hall (physics and astronomy), Musselman Library, College Union Building, College Dining Center, Briedenbaugh Hall (English and Asian Studies), Weidensall Hall (History and Education), and several – years Dormitory and brotherhood. This part of the campus known as “Stine Lake” is actually not a lake, but a quadrangle outside the library. Before the Musselman Library was built in the late 1970s, due to the humid climate and drainage problems in Gettysburg, the quadrilateral and library sites were prone to water accumulation, forming a large and muddy “lake”. Today, Stine Lake is not flooding, but the name has stalled, confusing first-year students. In addition, the southern half of the main campus includes McKnight Hall (language), Glatfelter Hall (computer science, management, political science, mathematics, etc.), Schmucker Hall (art and music), Brua Hall and several fraternities.